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Search for contributions reported on all campaign finance reports filed with the Vermont Office of the Secretary of State.   

A user can search reported contributions by choosing any one, or a combination, of the following criteria:

  • Contributor Type
  • Contribution Type
  • Contributor Last Name/Business Name/Registrant Name
  • Contributor First Name
  • Election Cycle
  • Reporting Period
  • Office Type
  • Office
  • Receiving Registrant
  • Transaction Date Range
  • Transaction Amount Range
  • Out of State Contributions

Search results are returned in a grid view and can be sorted within each column or exported to Excel or CSV format.

Definition of Contribution _17 V.S.A. 2901(4)

Contribution means a payment distribution advance deposit loan or gift of money or anything of value paid or promised to be paid for the purpose of influencing an election advocating a position on a public question or supporting or opposing one or more candidates in any election. As used in this chapter contribution shall not include any of the following:

(A)  A personal loan of money to a candidate from a lending institution made in the ordinary course of business; 

(B) Services provided without compensation by individuals volunteering their time on behalf of a candidate political committee or political party; 

(C) Unreimbursed travel expenses paid for by an individual for himself or herself who volunteers personal services to a candidate;

(D) Unreimbursed campaign-related travel expenses paid for by the candidate or the candidate's spouse; 

(E)  The use by a candidate or volunteer of his or her own personal property including offices telephones computers and similar equipment; 

(F)  The use of a political party's offices telephones computers and similar equipment;

(G)  The payment by a political party of the costs of preparation display or mailing or other distribution of a party candidate listing;

(H) Documents in printed or electronic form including party platforms single copies of issue papers information pertaining to the requirements of this title lists of registered voters and voter identification information created obtained or maintained by a political party for the general purpose of party building and provided to a candidate who is a member of that party or to another political party;

(I)   Compensation paid by a political party to its employees whose job responsibilities are not for the specific and exclusive benefit of a single candidate in any election;

J)   Compensation paid by a political party to its employees or consultants for the purpose of providing assistance to another political party;

(K) Campaign training sessions provided to three or more candidates; 

(L) Costs paid for by a political party in connection with a campaign event at which three or more candidates are present; or

(M) Activity or communication designed to encourage individuals to register to vote or to vote if that activity or communication does not mention or depict a clearly identified candidate.